Building from the Ground Up

The only complete education resource and training for Cheerleading and Dance. Qualifying Coaches since    Est 2007 

The UK's and Europe´s leaders in safety and technical training, is proud to present a new chapter of excellence in coaching education for cheerleading coaches!

This widely recognised qualification was developed over many years by experts from both  here in the UK and other countries. Every year more then 900 coaches train and qualify with BGU. 


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BGU Training is split into three courses. 

 Levels 1 & 2                                
Designed for the beginners  and those with no experience. Possibly a cheerleader wishing to coach, a school teacher or dance teacher wishing to start cheerleading. 

 Level 3 Only                                
For Intermediate coaches with some experience.  

 Level 3 +                                     
Is designed for advance to elite coaches.


 BGU Dance                                  
New course for 2015 designed for Dance coaches.

 Online Qualification Renewal          New for 2016!
Hassle free renewal of your BGU and USASF qualification as BGU
is now on line. Still individually assessed and marked. 

 BGU Experience                             New for 2016!
Learn with this hands on course the latest safe grips, tricks, and innovative stunts to take back to you team. This is a one day course...   Course details will follow shortly.

  BGU 12 -16                                     New for 2016!
The future of this sport is in the hands of our athletes of today. Recognising this we have created a course to developed these young leaders within a team or program who are aged between 12 to 16 yrs...    Course details will follow shortly.


Building from the Ground Up training, has become the bench mark and standard not only in the United Kingdom, but by others countries from around the world due to it's high levels of competence. You can book your place on this course, safe in the knowledge that you are joining the hundreds of coaches already qualified and that your instructor has had many years of teaching cheerleading safely and that this course is backed by some of the biggest insurance company's in the UK..



Cheerleading Coach Training and Course